.Mosh – McQueen

ODDS ARE, YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF “.MOSH”. Well thats all about to change. Adam Bignell, aka “.Mosh”, hailing from

Edmonton, Canada, has put up his initial album on Bandcamp. The album, titled “Monarchy” has a bunch of killer tracks, but for

this post, we are featuring “McQueen”. Perfect name for a tune that makes me feel like I’m cruising in the 80′s. The track is a sick

blend of funk, electro, and some rock. If you’re into Boys Noize, you’ll definitely dig this tune. Also be sure to check out his whole

album on Bandcamp. It is featured as a “name your price”, meaning $0.00-$1,000,000.00. Whatever your heart desires. Check

out “McQueen” by Mosh.

McQueen by .Mosh



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