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    Clams Casino Collaborates with Doom in new song ‘ Bookfiend’

    Monday, April 29, 2013

    From out of the blue it seems…this new joint effort by Clams and Doom caught us by surprise. Check it out below! Awesome on both ends of the spectrum(beat and rap)       -DDV

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    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    HAVE YOU HEARD THIS YET??? OH MY GOD STRAIGHT DEATH METAL BASS. Tracks like these are what we drool over here at DDV. CHVLI has been working on a few other projects, besides his solo career, alongside up-and-coming rapper SHAKEWELL and a softer, more garage-bass project with talented vocalist Derek Nemechek. KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN […]

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    ‘ONLY WAY TO GO’ MUSIC VIDEO by Breakfast

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    NEW MUSIC VIDEO by our favorite Los Angeles band Breakfast. Edited by MANCHILD, the video accompanies Breakfasts’ hit “Only Way To Go” with stunningly sexy 70′s mistresses and their psychedelic dancing. ‘Only Way To Go’ was also featured on 98.7 fm radio last week! We’re proud of you Breakfast!!!   I love this, you love this…its […]

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Atlas Maison “Unbelievable”

atlas maison

We have a new single from a newly risen artist, Atlas Maison. Hailing from Santa Cruz, Maison shoots us down with sexy, melodic vocal chops and summer night vibes…perfect timing!




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Clams Casino Collaborates with Doom in new song ‘ Bookfiend’


From out of the blue it seems…this new joint effort by Clams and Doom caught us by surprise. Check it out below! Awesome on both ends of the spectrum(beat and rap)





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HAVE YOU HEARD THIS YET??? OH MY GOD STRAIGHT DEATH METAL BASS. Tracks like these are what we drool over here at DDV. CHVLI has been working on a few other projects, besides his solo career, alongside up-and-coming rapper SHAKEWELL and a softer, more garage-bass project with talented vocalist Derek Nemechek. KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN FOR MORE INFO REGARDING THESE PROJECTS! MORE INFO TOWARDS SUMMER STAY BASS’D



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NEW MUSIC VIDEO by our favorite Los Angeles band Breakfast. Edited by MANCHILD, the video accompanies Breakfasts’ hit “Only Way To Go” with stunningly sexy 70′s mistresses and their psychedelic dancing.

‘Only Way To Go’ was also featured on 98.7 fm radio last week! We’re proud of you Breakfast!!!


I love this, you love this…its a video of pure positivity!



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New Single by Shook ‘Tonight’

shook tonight

“My new single “Tonight”! This is the final single release before my debut album comes out this spring.
Thank you all so much for your continued love and support! 


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Naughty Boy- La La La (ft. Sam Smith) DropDead Exclusive


NEW track from UK vocal gem, Sam Smith. Produced by Naughty Boy, the song is a mesh of that vibey 90′s house positivity we all love, complimenting(on both ends) the glorious lyricism and stunning voice of Sir Smith. Is this a new revolution of pop music? God dam those vocal samples are so sexy!



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‘Binge’(ft. Derek Nemechek) – CHVLI


NEWEST TRACK by CHVLI featuring talented vocalist Derek Nemechek. An empowering track with lyrical beauty sure to make your bones quiver!

Lots more to come from these two!





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Keep Shelly In Athens ‘Madmen Love’(A Side)

keep shelly

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Amtrac “So High”

so high

CALEB CORNETT, better known as Amtrac, has been shooting out mixes left and right these past couple of weeks! Just a few minutes ago, Cornett released this gem(linked below via soundcloud) he titles “So High”.


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Maths Time Joy “Walk With Me” music Video

maths time joy

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Disclosure’s “White Noise” ft AlunaGeorge


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CHVLI ‘Bohemian Grove’ EP



LOS ANGELES artist CHVLI(also known as Chevali) released his debut EP ‘Bohemian Grove’ at

the end of last week. Original artwork/photography compliments the 4 track set, seen below…



“The 4 tracks have been a project I’ve been working with this past year, putting forth a lot of

expression and personal emotion into channel.  The title ‘Bohemian Grove’ was chosen to

compliment the progression of the set , seeing the music as a representation of a hidden

magistery overcoming the submissive.”



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Los Angeles!Verdant Sound Presents: Low Leaf, Chakita, and more….

chakita tides

LOS ANGELES. Verdant Sound and ArtHouse Live are joining forces in hosting electronic

artists Chakita, Papi, StaG, and Nutrik at the Top Tomato Market. It’s going to be a vibrant

night of low end beats and live music in LA!  Check out the digital flyer below for address and

details regarding the event because you do not want to miss out on such a great night of new,

rising music!

Our good friends Chakita will be performing amongst the other artists set for the night. Chakita

is a Los Angeles/Bay Area based group, working on all live electronic projects these days .

Check out their newest track up on their soundcloud! Below….





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Omar LinX – Best Day Ever Freestyle

OMAR LINX is one of the dopest rappers I’ve listened to. Always bringing really chilled vibes, on ice. Quality selection of beats,

quality flow, its just all gravy. Omar LinX just threw this short freestyle up YouTube, and you should check it out. Its short &


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.Mosh – McQueen

ODDS ARE, YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF “.MOSH”. Well thats all about to change. Adam Bignell, aka “.Mosh”, hailing from

Edmonton, Canada, has put up his initial album on Bandcamp. The album, titled “Monarchy” has a bunch of killer tracks, but for

this post, we are featuring “McQueen”. Perfect name for a tune that makes me feel like I’m cruising in the 80′s. The track is a sick

blend of funk, electro, and some rock. If you’re into Boys Noize, you’ll definitely dig this tune. Also be sure to check out his whole

album on Bandcamp. It is featured as a “name your price”, meaning $0.00-$1,000,000.00. Whatever your heart desires. Check

out “McQueen” by Mosh.

McQueen by .Mosh



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NEW continuous mix by Chevali!


~~Free Download Below <3




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Leaked Daft Punk “Emphazed”


FRENCH DUO Daft Punk has leaked a new hit???





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Sicker Than Your Average – uMaNg & Kick Back

YOU LIKE 90′s HIP-HOP? Then this jam is for you. Much of the rap music that comes out today is sugar

coated & dipped in honey. This tune is straight from the heart, you can really feel uMaNg’s emotions in this tune. In fact, you

can hear it throughout his entire “The First Impression LP”, which can be found on Bandcamp. uMaNg, or Umang Khosla,

which is his real name, moved from the East Coast to Utah, where he is based now. He managed to have his first LP “The First

Impression” featured in the Salt Lake Tribune. If you’ve heard this song before, its for damn good reason. If you haven’t listened

to uMaNg before, you better start right about now, cuz this guy has some of the freshest hip-hop I’ve heard in a while.

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Youngblood Hawke-We Come Running(RAC Remix)


REMIX ARTIST COLLECTIVE just recently put out this groovy remix of Youngblood Hawkes single “We Come Running”. This is certainly one of the dancier mixes that RAC has done for a project.

THERES MORE! RAC was featured on Rolling Stones,regarding their newly created Hawke remix. Check out what they had to say about the artist collective’s recent work”

“‘We Come Running’ is a song about facing and conquering your fears.  It’s a reminder to always follow your passion, even if it’s seems, at times, impossible. It started as an internal message to the rest of the band and grew into something much larger and universal,” Youngblood Hawke’s Sam Martin tellsRolling Stone. “The song was written in the early stages of the band when we weren’t sure where our music our lives were headed. We went through so much in our personal lives while we were writing this record and sometimes it felt like nothing was ever going to get better. It was a reminder to for ourselves to keep putting our heart and soul into making music, because it’s really the only thing that keeps us going.”

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/we-come-running-rac-mix-by-youngblood-hawke-free-mp3-20121114#ixzz2CJR2fUG6


Check out the track below! and Free download!




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Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith – Not In Love (Grandtheft Edit) {FREE DL}


GRANDTHEFT, A TORONTO BASED PRODUCER has thrown together an excellent trap edit to an original Crystal Castles song.

The orignal is already a great tune, but Grandtheft’s edit really gives the song a new element, while maintaining the aspects of the

original. Grandtheft has been growing lately since he remixed Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” with Diplo, so be out on the lookout.

He has generously put up this edit all for free, so make sure you download it!

Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith – Not In Love (Grandtheft Edit) by Grandtheft

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New Flume Album OUT NOW


FLUME-STEP. That’s right. FLUME-STEP. The self-titled genre/album by Australian producer Flume. Listening to each of these tracks (a) gives you the chills (b)entrances you with such beautiful sampling and melodies (c) and never seizes to grasp your fullest attention!


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“A Milli” Busted by HeRobust


BUSTED by HeRobust once again! Lil Wayne’s hip hop classic is brought into the ratchet world of hi hats and all that is Trap. This track is raunchy…and free to download!

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Bondax Announces North American Tour


UK PRODUCTION DUO BONDAX is touring North America! A jam packed tour, with back to back gigs and nonstop traveling, this is a tour that you must attend! Bondax has been absolutely killing it not just in the United Kingdom but in all parts of Europe. Backed by legendary Annie Mac and all from BBC Radio 1(Pete Tong!), Bondax is sure to rock a crowd and deliver nothing but the latest in electronic music production. Their music is smooth flowing waves, with magnificently chopped vocal sampling and pitch bending..similar to techniques seen in the music of Flume and Amtrac. Check out the flyer below for a tour near you!


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Earl Sweatshirt “Chum”


HIS FIRST SOLO since his official return back to the world of rap. Earl Sweatshirt brings us “Chum”, a track that presents more of Earl’s inside mind explaining his appreciation for his mom and how he misses his father “like when I was six”. The beat is nothing far from an in-house odd future wave… wobbly low pass bass and a looped piano riff. It’s an emotional song that will most likely turn up on Earl’s upcoming album tracklisting.



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OUR 2ND SHOW! This is the 2nd show Dropdead Vinyl is putting together, this time teaming up with the

University of Oregon’s Cultural Forum and the one and only TECHIBEATS! On November 16th, at the UO EMU

Ballroom, electro funk/Nu disco pioneers Classixx and the Remix Artist Collective(RAC) will be bringing All

THEY’VE GOT to supply you guys with nothing less than an absolutely amazing performance! We’ve got ‘em

making one more stop within their Northwest tour to turn the EMU ballroom into a FUNK WONDERLAND.

THATS RIGHT..W-O-N-D-E-R-L-A-N-D..and Dropdead Vinyl’s photographers will be there to capture your

beautiful faces throughout the whole night!

SO! Please please come out on November 16th to show some support for your favorite music sites and of course enjoy yourselves to the absolute fullest! Tickets are $10 presale and $12 day of show!




What: THE ENDLESS SUMMER TOUR makes one more stop at the University of Oregon.
When: Friday Nov. 16th
Doors open 8:30pm
Show-time: 9pm-1am
Price: $10 presale, $12 at the door
Tickets: http://tickets.uoregon.edu/cultural



Below are a list of some tracks that YOU ALL should listen to get amped up for Dropdead Vinyl’s 2nd show! It’s music that grooves you out and serenades your eardrums with catchy melodies and liberating Nu disco Love!




Remix Artist Collective(RAC)






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SEASFIRE, A 4 PIECE BAND HAILING FROM BRISTOL has composed an excellent tune with “We Will Wake”. This chill and

melodic tune evokes emotion, but still manages to sound pretty big. The song hit #1 on The Hype Machine charts thus soaring the

song to internet popularity. With a tune like this, SEASFIRE’s future is looking bright. Check back here for their latest and




P.S.: If you’re feeling adventurous, check out SEASFIRE’s website:


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New Local Natives Single “Breakers”//Talk of New Album


THE INDIE ROCK BAND based in Silver Lake, CA, has released a single titled ‘Breakers’, planned to be released along with Local Native’s upcoming album “Hummingbird”, set to be released January 28th of 2013!

Breakers doesn’t stray far from the long track list of songs recorded by Local Natives. It’s a psychedelic clash of  electronic synth soloing, live recorded playful claps, and the mastered, uniquely magical sound that these artists never fail to present to it’s listeners.


A Bit of Their Past:

Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, was first released in the UK in November 2009, and later released in the US on February 16, 2010. The album received mostly positive reviews and debuted in the Billboard 200 and at No. 3 in the New Artist Chart. The Local Natives were at many times mentioned to be a “band with magical powers.”

Their sound has been described as “afropop-influenced guitars with hyperactive drumming and hooky three-part harmonies”.Clash Music has also described their style as pysch folk, or modern worldly folk.


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NEW ALBUM – Kendrick Lamar – “good kid, m.A.A.d city”

Kendrick Lamar

The Compton, California based Hip-Hop artist, Kendrick Lamar, who Dr. Dre has called the future of hip-hop, is back at it again

with this album. Kendrick Lamar said that “good kid, m.A.A.d city” is “really just a self portrait”. The album is slated for an October

22nd release, but it has hit the internet a bit early. The man is on a roll, and you can always check back here for his latest music.





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DDV EXCLUSIVE: Cherokee – American Spirit EP//STREAM IT HERE



FRENCH DISCO DUO CHEROKEE brings us a newly released EP ‘American Spirit’

What to say about this?….YOU NEED TO LISTEN!

HANA YORI KICHOU NA and Darius (both form Cherokee) put together one of FUNKIEST..SEXIEST..MOST

Authentic compilation of French Disco I have heard in a while!! A combination of vocal slicing, breakbeat

authenticity, and the classic groovy waves that these French Producers keep flowin in their tracks. The sound of Cherokee is very

similar to producers SebastiAn, Shook, and Classixx. It’s the type of music that liberating

and sexy , serenading your ear drums with Shmoozy French Romanticism. You will not be disappointed.

When will Cherokee come to the US? They’ve done a mini tour and played at the Social AID and Pleasure

Club…but that is simply not enough. They’re popular everywhere in Europe it seems…why can’t you just come over

to the States and perform? Maybe DD Vinyl will have to do something about that ;]


Anyways, these producers are great and you can stream the EP ‘American Spirit’ below via Soundcloud! Listen Listen!





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NERO – Won’t You (Be There) – Baauer Remix (Annie Mac BBC Radio 1 World Premiere)


LATEST BAAUER REMIX…. it’s quite a tune. The New York based producer, Baauer, has been on a tear lately and

just put his own fresh trap touch to NERO’s latest free tune “Won’t You (Be There)” This is only a world

premiere preview, but we will be on the lookout for the full release so stay tuned with more Baauer to come!

Nero – Won’t You (Be There) – Baauer Remix – Annie Mac Radio 1 World Premiere by MTA Records




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Purity Ring feat. Danny Brown “Bellispeak II”


NEW COLLABORATIVE EFFORT by Montreal duo Purity Ring and the infamous Danny Brown!

“Bellispeak II” is everything you would ever imagine to be the sound created by these two

groups. Purity Ring’s stunning vocals by Megan James serve as an underlying lust,

complimenting the crazed, fanatical rapping of Danny Brown. All of this is put into forward,

beautiful motion thanks to Corin Roddicks pillowy yet illuminating instrumentals!

Check out the track via Youtube below:



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Disclosure’s Official Video for “Latch” ft. Sam Smith


UK DUO DISCLOSURE brings us a visual piece complimenting a single “Latch” which is set to be released with

the duo’s forthcoming debut album. The cinematography is outstanding in this video and does not fail to capture

wordless emotion and young love attraction between the starring couples portraying in the video clips.


LIKE THIS VIDEO? Be sure to follow up with Disclosure’s releases by following them on their soundcloud!



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starsling ddv

UK BEAT FANATIC Star Slinger(Darren Williams) just released his remix for Little Dragon’s
single “Sunshine”. The remix is an exclusive that Williams compiled for ABSOLUT Vodka’s newest event

‘ABSOLUT BLANK’. The ABSOLUT Blank is a Live project culminates with Little Dragon, Star Slinger and friends

who will perform an audio visual DJ set!



WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO! For Star Slingers’ “sunshine” remix for ABSOLUT BLANK



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Flying Lotus “Until the Quiet Comes” OUT NOW


WARPED RECORDS just recently released Flying Lotus’s newest album ‘Until the Quiet Comes’, out now on Itunes and Amazon online stores. It is an unbelievable composition of music, featuring collaborative artists such as Niki Randa, Thundercat, and Thom Yorke. Flying Lotus reassures us that he is continuing to produce simply what he personally loves to hear and to play as an artist.

THE ALBUM RELEASE also entails a collectable vinyl set available for purchase online at:
http://flying-lotus.com/until-the-quiet-comes/ <---Click here for full album!

Watch the video below of "Putty Boy Strut", a featured song on "Until the Quiet Comes'

Watch the Official Short Film of ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, a short film by Kahlil Joseph




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IT HAS BEEN HARD WORK IN THE STUDIO these past 2 years for the newly risen Los Angeles band Breakfast,

who released their debut album “Sun/Moon” this past week. The 15 track album is anything but a single, pin

pointed genre. It is a collaborative clash of aethereal vocal soloings by lead female singer Andrea Adolph; new

electronic drum kicks and daunting synth arpeggiators by producer Sean Dwyer; the wonderfully positive and up

lifting, folkish vocals of Max Bussell and Luciano Russo.



IT IS AN ERIE SOUND, yet it can be mistaken for a summer album? It is a wonder as to how these artists managed

to pull of an album, filled of so many emotions and struggles, and have it all sound so in sync and in touch with

itself and the overall  flow of the album. Listening to the song such as “The Final Ending”(lyrics by Max Bussell):

its a track  that is such an uplifting, empowering track.  The most beautiful piece on the album  ”Valsa Triste”, is a

song that has such a powerful, mysterious pull on human emotion. Listening to ” Valsa Triste” for the first time, it

is as if one’s mind focuses in on the saddened, beautiful past that each of us all hold within. Songs like these make

the album “Sun/Moon” a musical masterpiece.

ALL IN ALL, it is an absolutely beautiful work of art. “Sun/Moon”, as an album, defines the skill and the ethic that

these artists all hold and share, promising a great future for Breakfast. Stay tuned with more Breakfast music and

updates by visiting their website at:  www.wearebreakfast.com